Product Stops & Inventory Control

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    Inventory Control Unit (Square Style)

    SKU: 60-6040-01

    Improves overall appearance by keeping product displays neat and full. Easily snaps into place. Attaches and detaches quickly. Standard size fits most hooks.

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    Specialty Product Stop

    SKU: 60-6050-01

    Specially designed to work with all AGT hooks for products with butterfily holes. Use to keep products secure on hooks during shipping. Easily snaps into place – attaches and detaches quickly. Durable black PVC.

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    Squeezable Inventory Control

    SKU: 60-6035

    Simply squeeze levers to open clip for easy attachment to merchandising hooks. Use to create premium full-looking displays. Control Unit fits .200 inches to .2800 inches wires. Heavy-duty white vinyl or black rubber.

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    Inventory Control Unit

    SKU: 60-6030

    Slides forward on hook to keep your displays looking fully stocked. Easily attaches to most standard hooks. Custom colors available.

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    Product Stop for Display Hook

    SKU: 60-6020-01

    Securely holds your products on display hook during shipment. Standard size stop easily attaches & detaches from hook. 1″ outer diameter Natural 40 mil LDPE.

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    Product Stop for Peg Hook

    SKU: 60-6010

    Versatile design has 3 holes to fit a variety of standard metal hooks. Works great in inventory control applications to maintain a fully-stocked appearance. 15/16″ diameter. Black or natural rubber. Minimum Qty: 100.