Flat Surface Adhesive Sign Holders

  • 20 1015.png

    AGT Pinchers Flip-Up Sign Holder with Adhesive

    SKU: 20-1015

    Features flip-up hinge that provides convenient access to UPC information. Permanent adhesive for quick & easy mounting to shelves, countertops, etc. Multiple flexible teeth hold signs up to .080″ thick securely. Durable clear PVC material. Custom lengths and colors made to order (minimum quantity required).

  • 20 1211.png

    AGT Pinchers Sign Holder

    SKU: 20-1211

    Superior quality holder features teeth for maximum holding power. Securely supports signs up to .080″ thickness. Wider base increases stability. Available with permanent adhesive. Clear PVC.

  • 20 1210.png

    Heavy Duty AGT Pinchers Sign Holder

    SKU: 20-1210

    Ideal for thicker materials. Strong teeth hold signs 1/8″ to 1/4″ securely. Superior construction with wider base for maximum stability. Permanent adhesive to flat surfaces instantly. Clear PVC.

  • 20 1213.png

    AGT Pinchers Sign Holder for Countertops

    SKU: 20-1213

    Flexible teeth securely grip and hold signs from 3/16″ to 1/4″ thick. Popular T – style design provides added support. 3″ L base. Durable clear PVC material. Custom lengths and colors made to order.

  • 20 1212.png

    Economy Card Holder

    SKU: 20-1212

    Excellent holding power for cards, etc. up to 1/8″ thick. Easy to position cards instantly. Permanent adhesive for solid attachment to flat surfaces. Clear PVC.

  • 20 1013.png

    Sign Holder with Hinge

    SKU: 20-1013

    Holds signs in flag position. Flexible hinge allows sign holder to flex when bumped. Attaches with permanent adhesive or magnetic strip on base. Wide base provides stability. Three sizes hold materials up to .100″, 1/8″€“3/16″, or 3/16″€“1/4″. Clear PVC.