Bottle Neck Tabs & Accessories

  • 32 6045.png

    Bottle Neck Hang Tabs for Spray Bottles

    SKU: 32-6045-01

    Enhances product visibility and maximizes selling space. Easily applied hang tabs securely hold spray bottles of various sizes. Features pressure cuts to keep bottles from slipping. Clear .015″ thick PVC. Custom made to order.

  • 32 7020.png

    Bottle Neck with Adhesive (Shelf Style)

    SKU: 32-7020-01

    Perfect for special promotions — sells product quickly. Permanent Adhesive allows you to attach coupons, related products. No rips or tears — heavy-duty solid PVC material. Pressure cuts prevent slipping. Custom made to order.

  • 32 6055 01.png

    Hanging Bottle Neck Tab (Diamond Hole)

    SKU: 32-6055-01

    Money Saver and Space Saver. Allows you to display products with Display Strips. Pressure cuts keep merchandise from slipping. Constructed from super durable HDBE – no rips or tears. Custom made to order.

  • 32 7010.png

    Hanging Bottle Neck Tab (Hook Style)

    SKU: 32-7010-01

    Combine with AGT’s hooks, pegs, or strips for cost-effective space saving displays. Heavy-duty solid PVC construction — rip free and tear free. Pressure cuts firmly. Keeps products secure — no slipping. Custom made to order.

  • 32 6030.png

    Piggy-Back Bottle Neck Tab (Shelf Style)

    SKU: 32-6030-01

    Ideal for fast-selling special promotions – proven to increase sales. Super durable HDPE construction – won’t rip or tear. Pressure cuts lock products in place – no slipping. Custom made to order.