Screws & Fasteners

  • dart (arrow) fastener

    Dart (Arrow) Fastener

    SKU: 40-5020-01

    A variety of hole sizes, lengths, and head diameters available with round heads. Punched or molded holes for fast and/or blind installation. Hollow body design allows fastener to compress when pushed into hole; expands back for a secure hold that resists removal. Simply snap in; no tools required. Removable and re-useable. Natural nylon.

  • 40 5030.png

    Locking Display Connector

    SKU: 40-5030-01

    Quality connector fastens panels up to 1/4″ securely. Instantly locks; simply push connector into 3/16″ diameter holes. Durable white nylon construction with 5/16″ diameter head. 2500″ capacity.

  • 40 5060.png

    Quick-Grip Washer Fastener

    SKU: 40-5060-01

    .187″ hole size with 9/16″ (.560″) O.D. round head screw & retaining washer fastener. Packaged in bulk. Use two ratchet rivet fasteners to press together both rigid and/or compressible materials. Serrated teeth adjust to a variety of locking depths and join panels together in a secure and permanent manner. Clear styrene.

  • 40 5050.png

    Quick-Grip Wing Nut Fastener

    SKU: 40-5050-01

    .187″ hole size with 9/16″ O.D. round head screw and push-on / screw-off wing nut fastener (3/4″ grip capacity screw length). Packaged in bulk. Two piece construction (screw and wing nut combination). Versatile wing nut fastener can be pushed on for fast assembly. Extremely popular for sign and display construction. Removable and reusable. Clear styrene.

  • import placeholder for 40 5080

    Ratchet Rivet fastener

    SKU: 40-5080

    Two-piece fastener installs quickly. Available in two sizes. 1/4″ capacity. Fits 9/32″ diameter holes. 2 pieces per set (priced as a set). Natural nylon.

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    X-Mas Tree Fastener

    SKU: 40-5010

    Designed for quick and easy insertion in most diamond and round shelf holes. 11/16″ diameter head. Fits 1/4″ diameter holes. Secures permanently. Natural, black, or clear K-Resin.

  • import placeholder for 40 7010

    X-Mas Tree Fastener

    SKU: 40-7010

    Securely fits in 1/4″ hole size. Instantly locks-simply push into. Ribbed fins allows to securely fasten. .375″ capacity. .625″ Head.

  • push on fastener

    Push-On Fastener

    SKU: 40-5070-01

    Fastener can be pushed on for quick assembly of product displays. Packaged in bulk. Removable and reusable. Clear styrene.