Foam Tape

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    POP Stick™

    SKU: 80

    POP Stick™ is an industry favorite adhesive tape for assembling P.O.P. displays and signage. It is an extremely aggressive adhesive that is designed to bond to a variety of surfaces, even allowing the joining and filling of gaps when those surfaces are irregular.

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    Temp Tape One™

    SKU: 81

    Temp Tape One™ is a double-sided adhesive foam tape with an extremely aggressive permanent adhesive on one side, and a removable yet durable adhesive on the other. The removable side…

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    Temp Tape Two™

    SKU: 82

    Temp Tape Two™ is a double-sided removable adhesive foam tape that remains durable after a extended period of time. Temp Tape Two removes cleanly from most hard non-delaminating surfaces. Recommended for light weight temporary applications or filling gaps.

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    POP Stick™ Pancake

    SKU: 80R

    POP Stick™ Pancake rolls are versatile double-sided self-adhesive foam tapes that are made from a non-marring flexible foam for protection or gap filling usage. Ideal for hand or automatic application. Designed with an extremely aggressive tack that can bond to many different types of surfaces.