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ISO Certification

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To all AGT valued customers, it is with great pleasure to inform you that AGT is AGT ISO 9001 Certified. This ensures all current and potential customers will be doing business with a company committed to quality management at every level.

What does it mean to be ISO 9001 certified? The answer to that question can be aggregated into one word: TRUST.  With AGT now ISO certified you can rely on a company that will continue to create a foundation of trust and quality through every process with our end goal being in providing continued long-term customer satisfaction.

We at AGT, Specialize in the Non-Metallic Fabrication applications and point of purchase products. We are the premier company in our field since 1986. Our global mission is to deliver outstanding value and provide our customers with quality, on-time products, and services.

To fulfill our mission we will continue to:

  • Meet or exceed our obligations for product quality
  • Deliver defect free products on or before the agreed delivery date
  • Continuously improve our processes, and quality management system effectiveness
  • And continuously provide our employees with the tools needed to better serve our customers

AGT’s Quality Assurance

Quality Policy:

AGT stands committed to our customers through continuous improvement of our Quality Management System through out the core of our business.  As such, AGT accepts responsibility for the satisfaction of all our customers, provide on time delivery and produce a quality product. This responsibility is demonstrated through our continuous improvement commitment, the development, and deployment of quality procedures, and commitment to comply with customer requirements.

Our Quality Policy represents the core in which our ISO 9001 journey was based. It is the filter in which our processes flow through. For us at AGT the certification itself was periphery to what was really important; to serve our customers better than anyone else and ensure their trust in us. As Director of Quality for AGT Products, I take great pride in the work we do and personally ensure that each product on every order meets your specific requirements and satisfaction providing you with the end result of Trust.

Steven G. Poulos
Director of Quality
AGT Products, Inc.