Cosmetic Overlays for Pegboard (Adhesive Labels)

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AGT Pegboard Overlays for Adhesive Labels offer the best solution for converting conventional peghooks to scanner hooks. Our overlays accomplish this without losing valuable selling space.Scanner hooks can use up to 40% more retail space than AGT’s economical overlays.AGT overlays are manufactured from high quality durable PVC. Use AGT Pegboard Overlays for Adhesive Labels when using UPC labels with adhesive backing. Various overlays for different hook types and lengths are also available.Select our Standard Overlays or Cosmetic Overlays depending upon your label size and hook size requirements.


15 mil


For 4" – 5" Hooks, For 6" – 7" Hooks

Label Area

1-7/8" W x 15/16" H

Overlay Length

5-1/2", 7-1/2"